Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Movies that Stalk You

Every once in a while, I'll come across a movie that I know little to nothing about. And then, all of a sudden, I'll start seeing it everywhere. Everywhere. And it doesn't stop until I actually watch the movie.

For me, that movie (currently) is "Green Card", from 1990. In case you don't know, it's a romantic comedy about a Frenchman (Gerard Depardieu) who marries an American woman (Andie MacDowell) he doesn't know so as to legally remain in the U.S. The plotline has since been recycled and used for one or two episodes on just about every sitcom from the 90's. However, the film is probably better remembered as the movie that shockingly beat Best Picture Oscar nominee "Ghost" for the Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) award at the Golden Globes.

I became familiar with this film when it was the answer to one of IMDb's daily trivia questions. I hadn't heard of the film before, and I wasn't exactly interested in it, as the premise is no longer original, so I closed the page. A day later, I did a "Random Title" search on the site, and what else popped up but "Green Card." This time, I did a bit of research on it; looked at its award profile, cast, reviews, etc. I thought that perhaps it was a bit ominous, but I ultimately just closed the page again. But the tipping point was two days ago. I was at Blockbuster renting "City of God." I went to the Foreign Film section to find it, and--this is where it gets creepy--someone had mistakenly placed "Green Card" on top of "City of God." I decided against renting it, but now I regret doing so. I feel like Peter Weir is going to come and find me in my sleep now.

So, tell me, does this happen to you? If so, how?

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Marcy said...

Nine Months. That movie has been haunting me for much too long. I remember I first saw a VHS box of it at Blockbuster's a several years ago. You know, the one with Hugh Grant's big smile and Julianne Moore trying to say something in his ear? Yeah, that one. And it just keeps popping up at random places in my life--IMDb trivia, Internet lists, the discount bucket at Wal-Mart, etc.

It's always those romantic comedies that do this to people...