Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk: In Review

Next up was The Incredible Hulk. One cannot help but compare this film to Hulk, made by Ang Lee in 2003. That film was much more colorful, longer and concentrated on Bruce Banner's past, referring much to the comic book style. Eric Bana didn't convince me much, the film felt long and the storyline wasn't the best.
In this film, we see a much more darker, more real viewpoint of Bruce Banner's lifestyle, in hiding from General Ross after being exposed to the gamma radiation looking for a cure that will rid it from his system. Unfortunately, he is found and chased by Ross with the help of a merciless soldier named Emil Blonsky (played by Tim Roth, once again brilliant as a villain) so Bruce is forced to return to the States to seek out his former love Betty Ross but Blonsky is subject to a serum developed by the general and he turns into the Abomination, so it's up to the Hulk to stop him.
Edward Norton does a very good job playing Banner. He contributed a lot to Zak Penn's script to develop the characters in a real way focusing on their characteristics and abilities rather on what was past. Even if the direction is a little misguided at times, the film feels more real, more actual. The action sequences carry on a little too much though and are repetitive, which is upsetting. Another thing that bugs me, is that Banner in this film takes into account his heart rhythm to warn him to slow down otherwise he'll turn into the Hulk. Isn't he supposed to transform when he becomes too angry? (I didn't read the comics, so maybe I'm wrong here). William Hurt is disappointing as Ross, but the other actors do have some very nice moments in the film (Liv Tyler screaming at a cab driver) and although it doesn't offer much insight, the film is well presented and should break the 100 million $ mark.
I don't expect this film to compete in any of the categories. You would think that it'd have a shot at Visual Effects (maybe it will), but I expect other films to take that category this year.
Rating : 3/4

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