Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slumdog: can anyone stop it?

After winning all three Guild awards and the BAFTA Best Picture, it seems that this year's winner will go uncontested as Slumdog has picked up more awards than any other film coming into the Oscars. As to whether this big momentum may hurt its chances to actually walk away with the award, it remains to be asked who can possibly take its place. Benjamin Button has the most nominations with 13 but the mixed critics will not get it the top award. Milk may have to deal with the homophobia still reigning within the Academy (Brokeback anybody?). Frost/Nixon is a very good film but it seems the nomination is its victory. The Reader made the top 5 surprising a lot of people, but Daldry has yet to win the big award and the film's victory will be Kate walking away with the Oscar. Soon I'll post my final predictions. What do you think?

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Josh P. said...

Milk is the only reasonable one i find that can upset Best Picture. I actually think if it does, it will actually be because of the Brokeback snub plus the Prop 8 news that still linger.

However, if Milk had taken the SAG award, then I'd be more confident to say it will win, which would perfectly mimic 2005. Sadly, IMO, Slumdog seems unstoppable and it would take a miracle to unseat it (granted, asking God for a gay movie to win Best Picture might be asking too much, lol).