Thursday, October 23, 2008

Academy Award Nominee...High School Musical?

In case you don't have any association with a female age 6 to 12, "High School Musical 3" opens theatrically tomorrow. And since the trailers have begun airing on TV, the only thing I could think was: could this get a Best Original Song nomination? I know it sounds ridiculous at first, but there are a few things we should take into mind:

-Oscar loves, especially as of late, to use the Original Song category as a way to honor musicals
-The film will inevitably be highly successful
-Atrocious as these films may be, there is no denying that they do everything that they need to, and consistently satisfy their target audience, as indicated by this one's decent RT score.
-The Academy's new "one song per film" rule, combined with the fact that there are very, very few applicable nominees this year compared to last, makes it seem quite plausible.I guess the main kink in my logic is that it's...well...High School Musical. The songs are annoying, the kids are annoying and the audience is annoying. I dunno; just a thought I had. Could it happen, or is it just me overthinking everything?


The Oscar Nazi said...

There's actually a two-song maximum per film, but that would be a worst-case scenario for this movie.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunally is possible that HSM 3 will be an Academy Award Nominee, for Best Original Song... YIKES!! But I think there's a few another reasons:

*HSM is a sucess (I don't understand why but I can't deny it)
*Ratings: If High School Musical get unleast 1 Nomination and if Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudghens, Ashley Tisdale and company go to the Oscars, many young people will see the Ceremony only for them.
*Songs like HSM won that category.
*they nominated Norbit Last Year!! One of the worst films of 2007

Connor Olen said...

Looking back, I think "Scream" was the best song in the HSM films, and I kinda wish that had gotten nominated.