Friday, October 17, 2008

No Worries, Ledger is "100% Supporting"

For all of those worried, take a breath of relief: Heath Ledger will definitely be campaigned in Supporting Actor. EW's Dave Karger reports here. He adds as an interesting side note, "But in the supporting category, his strongest likely competitor is Doubt's Philip Seymour Hoffman, coincidentally the man who defeated Ledger for Best Actor the only other time Ledger was nominated, for Brokeback Mountain." Now, as much as I love me some PSH, the Oscar is Ledger's this year and hopefully the Academy will agree.

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Josh P. said...

I always figured Ledger would be campaigned as supporting simply because it would be easier for him to win. I also find it interesting that he'll more than likely be competing against Hoffman again. Unlike many who changed their minds after Ledger's death, I still believe PSH deserved the Oscar he got for Capote. However, now, I'm a full supporter of a posthumous Oscar for Ledger.