Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Trailer

According to the Internet Movie Database, this movie should be released on December 31st (I'm guessing in limited release). Pending that's the case, Viggo Mortensen might still have a shot at a nomination for Best Actor (due to the unfortunate setback of The Road), so we'll keep an eye out for this one. What do you think?


Josh P. said...

The year seems sort of crowded with these Nazi themed films. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas is out now, and December will also see Valkryie and Defiance. It might be overkill, but the Academy in the past has shown this is the sacred subject when it comes to getting nominated for stuff (and usually winning).

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Broadway with Derek Jacobi in the Mortensen role and it was brilliant. People in general and the Academy in particular will never tire of Nazi and Holocaust-themed films. I think Viggo has a strong shot at a nomination particularly now that his other film has been delayed. Nice to see him looking not so scraggly!