Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Reader Trailer

Kate Winslet might be looking at a split in the Best Actress category with this film and Revolutionary Road, but this role might be more Oscar bait, so look for it to make waves come Oscar time. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I heard Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes goes to supporting for "the Reader"; so, I think she has better chances to winning in supporting category instead leading (Meryl's third Oscar); and the "newcomer" David Kross, if he's as he looks at the trailer, he could be the third youngest actor in Lead Category.

Josh P. said...

She'll probably go through what her pal Leo went through in 2006 with The Departed. She'll get nominated, but category confusion will prevent us from knowing for which film until the very end. Still, I have to say the movie looks really good. I had my doubts with all the Weinstein/Rudin fights, plus the deaths of the two producers, but I'm convinced this is a great project.

DBM said...

Unfortuanately you are going to have to make some other picks in a lot of categories as The Road and The Soloist have been pushed back to 2009. So no nominations this year. Maybe ( and I'm hoping ) that the Academy will vote Downey Jr. for his sublime acting in Tropic Thunder. Sure it's a Non PC comedy, but you can't deny that wasn't a great acting job and he pretty much stole the entire movie. Sublime performance !
I do agree that The Reader looks impressive and this may be the role that gets Kate her nomination. And from the trailer it looks to me like a starring role and not support, but many people have her name in the Supporting category. I guess we'll see. This looks like a more baity role though.