Friday, March 21, 2008

First Round Predix: Best Supporting Actor

First off: I really wish I could let myself change my BP and Director predix. I have such little confidence in them it's frightening. But I have a pledge to myself.

And now...Best Supporting Actor

1. Robert Downey, Jr., The Soloist-A terrific actor in a project I get more confident in by the day.

2. Michael Sheen, Frost/Nixon-I was, personally, very disappointed that he got such little recognition for his excellent performance in The Queen, and this could be a way to compensate for his snub (though they may not consider it necessary to do so).

3. Josh Brolin, Milk-2007's breakthrough star ( of them) could easily pick up an Oscar nod for this very baity role. If I weren't a bit torn about the project, I would be predicting him for #1.

4. John Malkovich, Burn After Reading-I can't stand him, but with this and Changeling, I think there's a good chance he'll be nominated somewhere this year.

5. David Wenham, Australia-Probably not, but I think 2008 will be a year of newcomers. He's been in big-budget fantasies like LOTR and 300, but he's certainly not a known name.
Maybe this will do the trick?

6. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight-There's no denying that he looks great in the trailer, but all of this buzz so soon after his tragic death seems exploitative. In the end, I think that the Academy will just stick to normal and not honor a performance in a superhero movie. I'd love to see it happen, but I doubt it will.

7. Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Trial of the Chicago 7-This project sounds like an Oscar favorite, but I kind of don't think it will end up being a success. That said, if Doubt doesn't work out, I can see Hoffman getting nominated for this (but I do think that Doubt will be a hit, so there's no need to predict him here...right?).

8. Russell Crowe, Body of Lies-I'm getting very apprehensive about this project (which sucks for me because it's my current BP prediction), and Crowe does better in Lead Actor anyways.

9. Antonio Banderas, The Other Man-I think this project will be laughably bad, so that's that for Banderas.

10. Benjamin Bratt, Guerrilla-If this, indeed, does get made and is well-received, I believe Benicio will get the sole acting nomination.


Anonymous said...

My predictions:

1. Michael Sheen, Frost/Nixon: The compensation for his snub two years ago is very important, but be carerful, last years adaptations from Broadway are fail until recognition to AMPAS...
2. Heath ledger,The Dark Knight: Maybe it's my perception but I have faith to him and his nomination... An iconic character and talented young actor. If anyone said his role is not Oscarish two words: Dick Tracy (Al Pacino)
3. Russell Crowe: since his two nominations and Oscar before, Russell Crowe is always a bridesmate and not a bride, so I put him in that third spot.
4. Jason butler Henry: I heard excelent comments of him in Changeling so like Amy Ryan's last year "breakthroguh"...
5. Josh Brolin: A great comeback last year... Real character+Villain+high profile proyect...

In the Running:

6. John Makovich, Burn after reading: I don't know but I think Malkovich's role in BAR is lead Actor not supporting...
7. David Wenham, Australia: i have to say this: I don't trust in that proyect, but I think it's time for international fame to Wenham
8. Benjamin bratt, Guerilla/The Argentine: He's always in big productions but never recognition for his performances...
9. Bruno Ganz, The Reader: If Fiennes goes to lead category it's possible than german actor goes in this category...
10. Emile Hirsch, Milk: That spot was between Franco and Hirsch. the lst one won because for that reasons:
-Into the wild snub
-A perfect male breakthrough actor from USA
-"The Departed" effect: Between Hirsch, Brolin and Franco, maybe Hirsch could win that firght like Mark Wahlberg instead Nicholson, DiCaprio and Damon

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forogt Blindness co-stars:

The overdues and talented american Mark Ruffalo and mexican gael garcia Bernal, if I choose i prefer the mexican:

-he's young and talented
-Internacional star (more than Ruffalo)
-Villian character
-I'm mexican too
-"The motorcycles diaries" "Bad Education" and "The science of sleep" snubs...