Monday, March 10, 2008

First Round Predix: Best Actress

1. Meryl Streep, Doubt-She's terribly overdue for a third win, and this is the very definition of a baity role.

2. Kate Winslet, The Reader-Everyone wants her to win, but both of her projects this year sound shaky. Still, I remain optimistic.

3. Julianne Moore, Savage Grace-I desperately want her to win, and with this and Blindness, it looks possible. But so far, Meryl and Kate are stealing her thunder.

4. Angelina Jolie, The Changeling-The film itself sounds questionable, but she was snubbed this year and this is Clint. And yet...

5. Kerry Washington, Mama Black Widow-It would just be too boring to have the typical lineup of Meryl, Kate, Julianne and Angelina. So I'm throwing in Kerry Washington. She probably has no chance at all, but I want to be adventurous.

6. Cate Blanchett, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-The Academy will have a hard time being Cate-free for a year, but I remain on the fence about the film.

7. Nicole Kidman, Australia-Honestly, I wouldn't trust her to turn in good work anymore.

8. Penelope Cruz, Vicky Christina Barcelona-The talented and lovely Cruz could be looking at Oscar gold again, but I don't think the film will be big enough.

9. Keira Knightley, The Dutchess-She's got the talent, but the project itself sounds like it's destined for failure.

10. Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia!, Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road, Julianne Moore, Blindness-If they don't get the nod for the film I predicted them to get it for, they'll probably get it here.


Dan Dassow said...

Dear Oscar Obsession,

I am rather curious why you consider this film, Changeling (2008), as questionable. I have been following production of this film because I am a fan of J. Michael Straczynski. So far I have only seen very positive press about the film. If your assessment is based solely upon your instinct as a film fan, your downgrading of this film is understandable since there are no trailers for Changeling (2008).There will probably not be any trailers available until midsummer. I am assuming that you have read the plot summary for the film. If not, the plot summary is available at the IMDb and the Universal Pictures website. You may also wish to check out the Wikipedia article on Changeling (2008).

When you post about potential supporting actor nominations, you might wish to consider Jason Butler Harner. He plays a very disturbed individual, Gordon Stewart Northcott. Although, there has been very little information available in the press on his performance, Harner has a significant theater resume. Harner described his character as "a horrible, horrible, wonderful person."

Dan Dassow

Anonymous said...

For me, I think The Reader has more chances in Supporting category than leading...

I propose others candidates:

*Emily Blunt, Young Victoria: She more beautiful and talented than overracted Keira Knightley. And in a Martin Scorsese's production, she got good atentions
*Sally hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky: Winner at Berlinale in a most easy film by Mike Leigh.
*Sophie Okonedo, Skin: She got surprise nomination in 2004; Why not now? Intersting proyect, social issue, real carachter and victim role...
*Carice van Houten, Dorothy Mills: This year's European new hot exportation (Marion Cotillard). The Dutch actress has an intersting proyect in Dorothy Mills
*Anne Hathaway: Comedy yes... But Jonathan Demme's production, overdue pretty talented american actress... Oscar nomination?
*Uma Thurman, Life before her eyes: Great reviews in Toronto only bad things: The release date: April...
*Michelle Williams, Incendiary: Good reviews for her performance in Sundance but small and mixed reviewed british film...
*Joan Chen, The Home Song stories: I have hope in her. Great reviews for her performances, awards and reconigtions but small aussie film...
*Kate BEckinsale, Nothing but the truth: Little boring sinopsis, but it's from the director of The Contender...

AJ said...

"Honestly, I wouldn't trust her to turn in good work anymore."

"She's got the talent, but the project itself sounds like it's destined for failure."

No it's destined to be an oscar winner! The Golden Age and Marie Antoinette style!