Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Round Predix: Best Supporting Actress

1. Viola Davis, Doubt-This category is very kind towards newcomers, and diversity could be the ticket to her success--especially with 2007's all-white winners.

2. Amy Adams, Doubt-The lovely Adams will surely become an Oscar winner someday...I just hope the Academy is smart enough to wait a while. Still, there's no denying that she's a huge threat.

3. Catherine Keener, The Soloist-After very strong performances in Being John Malkovich and Capote, you could kind of say that she's overdue. My guess is that either this or Synecdoche will get her the nod.

4. Scarlett Johansson, Vicky Christina Barselona-Woody Allen will not rest until she becomes a superstar, and this sounds like a classic pretty-young-thing Allen role. The only problem is that so many people hate her (for some reason).

5. Renee Zellweger, Appaloosa-I'd like to see her make a mini-comeback, but this film could go either way for me.

6. Kathy Bates, Revolutionary Road-I love her and she's got tons of buzz, but I've heard her character's role in the novel is very small. That didn't hurt Ruby Dee, but I remain skeptical.

7. Cate Blanchett, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-Lead or supporting? Either way, Cate could easily get a nomination somewhere this year just because she's Cate, but I have my doubts about this film. But, dare I say, she may get a nomination for her allegedly incredible work as the villain in Indy 4. she couldn't, but I can dream.

8. Amy Ryan, Changeling-I'm still mad she didn't win the Oscar (though Swinton is a good alternative), and I would love to see her win or at least get a nomination, but you know my feeling about the film. Why am I predicting Jolie, again?

9. Samantha Morton, Synecdoche, New York-The Academy seems to like her, and she is a very good actress, but she has a lot of competition against her own co-stars.

10. Tilda Swinton, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button/Burn After Reading-I think both of these films will be only a modest success, and even if they're huge, that could cause some vote-splitting. But who knows?


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot three european actresses:

*Franka Potente, Guerrilla/The Argentine: THe german actress is well know to the american audience and she has conexions in Hollywood. Plus: She plays Tamara Burke, a german anarchist who fight with the Che (Real carachter)
*Carice van Houten: The hot exportation from The Netherlands has two significants roles in two importants movies: Body of lies like the wife and confidence of leonardo DiCaprio's character and Valrykie...
*miranda Richardson: Her chances depends for the reception of the film. Like Queen Victoria's mother an instigator and cold woman...

Anonymous said...

My predictions:

1. Kate Winslet, the Reader: Maybe she's lead but I think she has more chances for that movie here...
2. Viola Davis, Doubt: she's a talented newcomer but like Sheen be carerful...
3. Franka Potente, Guerrilla/The Argentine: a talented german actress who deserves recognition and beside benicio I think she's the only who get a nomination for those movies...
4. Carice van houten: European invassion to Hollywood!!!. Another newcomer (from The Netherlands) i vote her for Body of lies...
5. Catherine keener: She has four intersting proyects this year: The Soloist, Synedocke, New York, Genova and Hamlet 2. i choose The Soloist too.

In the running

6. Miranda Richardson, The Young Victoria: Overdue actress but her chances depends for the movie...
7. Amy Adams, Doubt: Maybe maybe not but she's still in many predictions.
8. Kathy Bates, Revolutionary Road: she has a small part, but it's not an obstacle if her performance is very likely for nomination.
9. Cate Blanchett, the curious case of Benjamin Button: Lead or Supporting? We know in the travel of the race...
10. Sandra Oh, Blindness: Again my perceptions, but if Ruby Dee did it, Why not Sandra Oh? Overdue since Sideaways

Marcy said...

I think Keener has more of a chance for Synecdoche, New York because The Soloist doesn't sound like it has a very interesting premise while Synecdoche does.

Penelope Cruz, IMO, has a juicier role in Vicky Christina Barcelona and will probably get more recognition.

Swinton has a higher chance in getting in a nod for Burn After Reading than The Curious Case...because from what I've read, Blanchett has a larger role in the film.

Other Predictions:
- Miranda Richardson (The Young Victoria)
- Vera Farmiga (Nothing But the Truth)
- Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning)