Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About "Nine"

I've been watching the film adaptation of "Nine" rather closely for a while now. And how can I not? Look at what it's got going for it:

-Director Rob Marshall, who was expected to be an Oscar winner
-Daniel Day-Lewis, arguably the most respected actor working today, and a two-time Oscar winner
-Sophia Loren, a living legend and Oscar winner
-Marion Cotillard, last year's audience favorite and an Oscar winner
-Judi Dench, an always rewarded actress (and for a good reason), and an Oscar winner
-Nicole Kidman, who can't move her face, but is still an Oscar winner
-Penelope Cruz, a past nominee who, by the time Nine is released, could be an Oscar winner
-Kate Hudson, who should be an Oscar winner

And then...


I suppose that Rob Marshall should be trusted, seeing as how he was able to compile such an amazing cast, and is just an overall smart director, but she kind of feels like the odd one out, no?


Smarttopper said...

I have been watching this one closely too, as it has been off and on for some time. Javier Bardem was originally going to play Guido Contini but dropped out for some reason.

I have seen both B'way productions and think it could be my favorite musical of the last 20 years. It has a very sexy story and great music. And this movie cast cannot be beat. If anybody can do Guido in a totally different way, it's D D-Lewis. I read it starts rehearsals in London very shortly and films there in September. Can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Be careful, maybe Fergie became an oscar Winner, if the AMPAS nominate her song for "Sex and The City". If three Six Maffia won an oscar why not Fergie?

I'm excited for the film especially for Day-Lewis, Cotillard, Dench and Loren. I like Cruz as well but Kidman's face...