Monday, August 4, 2008

"Doubt" Teaser

Thanks to Everything Oscar for the image and Smarttoper for reminding me to post it.

It's a nice poster. Hopefully this means that a trailer is soon to come.


Smarttopper said...

I'm checking the site every day now. It still says 'Coming Soon'. I hear it's because they want to use the actual Philip Glass score and he's still tweaking it.

I saw the play and haven't been this excited about a screen adaptation of a stage play perhaps since 'night, Mother' or 'Frankie and Johnny.' Kathy Bates got knocked out of both those even though she created the roles on Broadway. Doesn't seem fair. Cherry Jones would have been brilliant in 'Doubt' but she is not known outside the theatre community in NYC.

Of course you have readers. You'd have more if you posted more often -- and you'd rise higher in the Google search results too. That's a big part of their algorithm. Just sayin'...

Gab said...

I'm waiting for the trailer also. I think there is no music on the website or anything like it just the poster. By the way Meryl is the best. I know everyone say that but i mean it :) I love Her since I was a kid. Bridges of Madison County, Sophie's Choice, The Hours, Out of Africa, Cry in the Dark etc. etc. etc. She's my heroine :)