Saturday, August 2, 2008

No Thanks

Thanks to AwardsDaily and Awards Circuit for the update...

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has reportedly asked Justin Timberlake to host the Oscars. No doubt bosses were impressed with Timberlake’s wickedly funny and entertaining performance as the Master of Ceremonies for ESPN’s 2008 ESPY Awards. Members of the academy are apparently sure that the Grammy-winning song and dance man has what it takes to boost their sagging ratings for the 2009 show, and bring in younger viewers.
Look, Justin has some good songs, he's hot and he was hilarious on SNL. But this is the ultimate gig for a comedian, so it shouldn't (and probably won't) be given to a non-comedian. Not to mention that it's just cheap and, well...weird. I'm hoping for Jerry Seinfeld, or else a Billy Crystal or Whoopi redux, but I'm doubting each of those. Of course, my ideal choice would be Tracey Ullman, but that'd be impossible.


Smarttopper said...

Why not Ellen again? I thought she was the funniest in the recent past, and she is now beloved by the entire country. Justin T is too tainted with all the controversy about the women in his life. He was good at the Espys but that was a much smaller gig. Can you imagine Kathy Griffin hosting? Would anybody show up?

I really like this blog so thanks for keeping it going. Just saw the 'Doubt' poster yesterday, which you might want to post a link to. Can't wait for the trailer.

Brian Erickson said...

Haha! Kathy Griffin is probably my favorite comedian, but the Oscars are soooo not where she belongs (not to mention that her hosting would solidify her as an A-lister). I thought Ellen did a really good job last time, and I'd be totally down with seeing her do it again.

Thanks for the compliment, Smarttoper, it's nice to know that we've got some readers.