Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Golden Globe Awards

Well, these Golden Globes proved not to be too surprising. After all, the acting awards went to all those who were favored to win, Dreamgirls picked up the most awards with 3. The biggest surprise of the evening would be Babel winning Best Motion Picture - Drama, although it is not very shocking, since it has the most nominations and this award was handed by the Hollywood Foreign Press. This win doesn't really change the Best Picture race for the Oscars only to confirm it's contendership among the top 5 films that will be announced next Tuesday. As for the acting categories, the frontrunners are pretty much confirmed up to this point : Forest Whitaker will win the Best Actor award, Helen Mirren will continue her sweep, Jennifer Hudson will win an Oscar for her feature film debut and Eddie Murphy will win a close one from Jack to pick up his first Oscar. Martin Scorsese won the award for Best Director, but will the Oscars shock us again with a snub when he takes on Clint Eastwood for the second time in three years, or will the voters finally give him the award that has slipped through his hands for over 30 years? When we take a look at the other categories, the winners deserved their respective awards, but the Golden Globes have a habit of choosing different winners than those announced on Oscar night, so be careful with your predictions. So until the Academy Award nomination announcements, congratulations to all the winners!

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