Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nominations Announced!

Well, let me start by saying what I know everyone is expecting me to:


Dreamgirls gets completely shut out for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Did NOT see that one coming. The Departed is now the adjusted frontrunner for me.

And does anyone else have horrible hopes for Marty now that Clint has entered the BP category? I'm not going to predict against him, but I REALLY hope he pulls it off.

And I was also shocked that Mark Wahlberg was the only one that got a nomination from The Departed (*cough* Who predicted him? *cough*). I thought there would be AT LEAST Jack and Leo. Guess not.

Also, Volver wasn't nominated for Foreign Film. Does that hurt Cruz's chances? Well, since Mirren is in the race, it couldn't matter less. The nomination is Cruz's-and everyone else in her category's-reward.

I'll post the official nominations later today when I can grab a hold of the Technical Nods, Shorts and Documentary. Until then, what are everyone's thoughts?

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