Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why We Learned Nothing from the Golden Globes...

Here's why we have officially learning NOTHING from the Golden Globes. First of all, it was nice to have a surprise winner. Bad category for a surprise though. But this is the HFPA...they have awarded some not so good movies in the past. While I have not yet seen Babel (seeing it on Friday), I still know for a fact it will not win Best Picture. Million Dollar Baby didn't win the Golden Globe, but it still won the Oscar. In my opinion, The Departed's buzz has dropped less that 1%. And what's with all the new Dreamgirls hype? We already know it is going to win Best Supporting Actress and it was predicted to win the Golden Globe, which it did. So, we haven't gained any new knowledge about Dreamgirls in the race. Another thing, why is everyone so anti-Little Miss Sunshine buzz? As much as we wanted it to, Little Miss Sunshine was not going to win that Golden Globe. The Queen took Best Screenplay. The Queen has been taking critics awards for screenplays left and right, I'm not sure why some people are surprised. I personally thought Babel would be rewarded there, but I was more than pleased when The Queen won. Clint Eastwood's win for Best Foreign Language film does not matter. It isn't eligible for Foreign Film at the Oscars, so there is no new buzz there. This doesn't put it back in the race, it is in the same position. Happy Feet's Original Song win is the only greater knowledge of the race we have, or at least I think so.

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