Saturday, December 5, 2009

Live Action Short Shortlist

The AMPAS announced today the 10 films which will compete for a nomination at the upcoming Oscar ceremony. The Short Films and Feature Animation branch will select three to five nominees from the list and they will be announced on February 2nd. Here are the films:

  1. The Door - Juanita Wilson (director) & James Flynn (producer)
  2. The Ground Beneath - Rene Hernandez (director) & Kristina Ceyton (producer)
  3. Hotel - Tim Conrad (director-producer)
  4. Instead of Abracadabra - Patrik Eklund (director) & Mathias Fjellstrom (producer)
  5. Kavi - Gregg Helvey (director-producer)
  6. Miracle Fish - Luke Doolan (director) & Drew Bailey (producer)
  7. The New Tenants - Joachim Back (director) & Tivi Magnusson (producer)
  8. The Response - Adam Rodgers (director) & Sig Libowitz (producer)
  9. Short Term 12 - Destin Daniel Cretton (director-producer) & Michelle Steffes (producer)
  10. Sidney Turtlebaum - Tristram Shapeero (director) & Daniel Jewel (producer)
What do you think?

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Mandy B said...

I have only seen Sidney Turtlebaum which I thought it was pretty incredible and a well deserved winner of LA Shortfest. It is about a gay Jewish man in his seventies that gatecrashes funerals (shivas) and pickpockets the mourners. It has a bit of everything, drama, humour, but what I liked most about it was the performance of the lead (Derek Jacobi) who played Sidney who was nothing but senstational! Definatly worth seeing and a big contender I think!