Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Sweeney Todd Audio Clip

Wow...Johnny really sucks. But everyone else sounds good, and this was a great reminder of why this is my favorite show of all time.

And yet...

What's the point of doing Sweeney Todd when the title character can't sing?

Sigh. Johnny Depp fangirls, go ahead.


Anonymous said...

That is such a horrible audio clip that you should be ashamed to judge someone from it

Alex said...

Johnny didn't sound that bad, although he did not sound as old as I would imagine the Sweeney Todd character to be. The accent is a little bogus and sure, he's no George Hearn, but I've come to expect mediocrity from the singing talent in Hollywood adaptations of Broadway sensations.

Although, picturing him slicing away at throats during this song is exciting.

Daniel said...

I'm not a fangirl...I'm male...but I thought Johnny Depp sounded fine.

Alison Flynn said...

picturing him slicing away at throats during this song is exciting

Alex, the throat-slicing juxtaposed with the singing of such a sweet, pretty song is one of the highlights of this show for me.

Yes, I have to agree that the accent is a little bogus.

Anthony's voice is beautiful. I can't wait to hear his solo Johanna. And Laura Michelle Kelly is good - she nails the high note beautifully. I wouldn't say that Johnny can't sing, he can certainly carry a tune. It's just that his voice is so much lighter than what we're used to in a Sweeney. And it's clear that he's not at all trained.