Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Trailer for "There Will Be Blood"

The new trailer for P.T. Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" can be seen here.

This reaffirms my belief that it will be one of the best films of the year. While we don't really see anything we already haven't, besides a few new clips, this is still a fantastic trailer. Both Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano look spectacular.



Alison Flynn said...

I can't access Quicktime but there is a trailer posted on YouTube that is the same length so it might be the same. That one looks terrific.

Whether the buzzers think it's an Oscar pic or not I think it looks great and I am looking forward to seeing it. DDL looks like he's going to be fantastic. Paul Dano as well.

Ryne said...

I'm not filled with the same hope. I wasnt very impressed with the trailer and Paul Dano, however DDL looks amazing