Monday, January 12, 2009

Amercian Cinema Editors 2008 Nominations

Here are the nominees for the 2008 Eddie Awards:

Best Edited Dramatic Feature Film
Kirk Baxter & Angus Wall - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Chris Dickens - Slumdog Millionaire
Dan Hanley & Mike Hill - Frost/Nixon
Elliot Graham - Milk
Lee Smith - The Dark Knight

Best Edited Comedy or Musical Feature Film
Jon Gregory - In Bruges
Greg Hayden - Tropic Thunder
Alisa Lepselter - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Stephen Schaffer - WALL-E
Lesley Walker - Mamma Mia

Best Edited Documentary
Steve Audette - Bush's War
Jinx Godfrey - Man on Wire
Stuart Levy - Chicago 10

No big surprises here since the top 5 in the Dramatic category will probably end up at the Oscars. What do you think?

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