Friday, January 2, 2009

Are We in for a Bizarre Golden Globe Ceremony?

First post of 2009!

Lest you have blocked it from your memory, I think we all remember what the general reaction to the 2008/9 Golden Globe nominations were. The Reader over Milk? Ralph Fiennes? Tom Cruise?! And, since the remainder of the local critics have announced winners and SAG announced nominees, it seems as though people have more or less forgotten about the Globes' existence. That combined with the fact that the nominees are already strange as can be, who is to say that it won't be an evening full of bizarre upsets? Both BP categories are looking seceptible.

Best Picture (Drama)
Frontrunner: Slumdog Millionaire
Likely Upset: Revolutionary Road

Even though Slumdog screams HFPA, doesn't it feel a bit too...obvious? Revolutionary Road is just as suitable, plus they love to throw in surprises. If RR can pull off the upset (big if), then it should be guaranteed a BP nod no matter what happens, and it's looking increasingly possible by the day. Not to say that it's not still next to impossible.
Best Picture (Musical or Comedy)
Frontrunner: Happy-Go-Lucky or Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Likely Upset: Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is the choice movie of British tweens, which, at times, seems to be the HFPA's demographic. The fact that VCB isn't really a comedy and that only one Allen film has won this prize before (Hannah and her Sisters) and that's looking weak, and Happy-Go-Lucky already has an award to win, and you've got a strong case for Mamma Mia! But please, please make it go away.What do you guys think? Will the Globes take a linear route, or will they be as surprising as the nominations?

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Anonymous said...

Well, even if Revolutionary Road would win the Golden Globe for Drama Picture, we have the precedent that could be snubbed for an Oscar Nomination: Spartacus, The Cardinal and The Guns of Navarone won Globes and still...

Anyway, I think Revolutionary Road IS still a long shot for winning with Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire and Forst/Nixon in front of the competition

My prediction:
Will Win: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (They love love story and big Hollywood productions. Plus: Box Office hit)
Should Win: Slumdog Millionaire (Babel won two years ago)
Comedy or Musical:
Will Win: Happy-Go-Lucky (After NSOC results...)
Should Win: Mamma Mia! (They love musicals