Saturday, January 17, 2009

Possible Surprises on Thursday: Best Supporting Actor

Now that we're in the final stretch to nomination morning, I thought I'd go over some of the possible snubs and surprises that I've been thinking about in the major categories. We'll start with Supporting Actor.

Even though Tropic Thunder's double Globe nods in this category make Downey look stronger than ever, it seems possible to me that the Academy will ultimate chicken out and snub him in favor of something baitier. And frankly, that'd be okay with me.JAMES FRANCO Surprises
Franco has been popping up here and again in minor precursors, but this performance has kept a solid fanbase all season and could ultimately end up in a nod. Plus, seeing as how Milk has been buzzed to have the "best ensemble of the year", it would only be fitting for it to receive double nominations in this category.


Have we written off Revolutionary Road too quickly? Maybe, maybe not. But even people who loathed the film have raved about Shannon's brief-but-effective performance. Whether or not these raves are strong enough for a nomination is debatable, but it's definitely worth considering.EDDIE MARSAN Surprises

Like Franco, Marsan has retained a strong group of supporters for his hilarious performance in Happy-Go-Lucky throughout the season, and, if they really love the film and want to add some levity to the male acting lineups, he's the perfect choice.The problem is: I can see plenty of people making the lineup, but I can't really see any of the major players (Ledger, Hoffman, Brolin, Patel, even RDJ) being snubbed. We'll see. Who do you guys think could surprise in Best Supporting Actor?

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Anonymous said...

It's possible, but also is possible (Unleast for me) Josh Brolin being snubbed in favor for Franco