Monday, December 3, 2007

Early Reviews: Juno, The Golden Compass & Atonement

RT so far: 97%
My most anticipated film of the second half of the year is proving that it won't disappoint Oscar buzzers. All of the reviews have had very nice things to say about Ellen Page's performance, the screenplay and the film itself. I am starting to think that this is becoming a lock for the Golden Globe...perhaps even over Sweeney Todd. Hard to beat these reviews.

RT so far: 57%
Wow, this is disappointing. I think I read about half of this book, liked it, but never finished it for some reason. The trailers made it look entertaining, and then it gets rather unimpressive reviews (translation: no Best Supporting Actress nod for Nicole Kidman). I'm sure that the reviews will go up to about 65% by the time it opens on Friday, but still. Oh well; it still has tech categories.

RT so far: 90%
These are strong enough reviews for a BP nomination and possibly a win, but I was expecting something a little...more. A lot of reviews themselves seem a bit unenthusiastic, and some of the positive ones feel like they're giving it a good rating because they don't want to be the one critic that doesn't like it. I don't know; methinks that this will be that one film of the year that everybody else loves, but I consider to just be "ok" (last year: The Departed).


Daniel Crooke said...

Speaking of Atonement, I've been thinking about how I've become less and less enthusiastic about it since seeing it and I'm wondering if Academy voters are going to do the same. No Country may stay in their minds a little longer therefore giving it an advantage. I can't wait for the NBR...we really need a good indicator.

Alison Flynn said...

Yep. Two more days for the NBR announcements.

Atonement is another one that may not live up to its hype. No Country is doing so well critically (and in the theaters) that I can't see them ignoring it. Unless of course they complain and harp on the ending.

Brian Erickson said...

Alison, would you mind e-mailing me at when you get the chance? I'd like to run something by you.