Friday, December 21, 2007

A Few General Thoughts on the Race

- I'm almost 100% certain that Hairspray will be this year's Almost Famous in the sense of a Golden Globe nomination (win for AF) and an SAG nomination but it probably still won't be nominated for Best Picture.

-As of now, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street has a score of 86 on Metacritic with 23 reviews, an excellent score. Since the film is so visually beautiful, I think it will also appeal to the members of the technical areas of the Academy, hopefully making up the Screen Actors Guild apparent lack of impressment regarding the film (or lack of screener DVDs). I still think it will be nominated for Best Picture.

-I do, however, think that Juno has less of a chance now for Best Picture. It needs a Producers Guild nomination to stay in the Best Picture race. The actors were a huge driving force that helped Little Miss Sunshine get nominated, or I like to think so. Its win at the SAG last year was key for its nomination.

-Does 3:10 to Yuma's surprise nomination make an impact on the race? I don't think so. If anything, it just gives Ben Foster more chances of a nomination. But, they must be sending out a lot of screener DVDs if they got their film remembered enough for this nomination.

-There Will Be Blood has a 100 score with 5 reviews on Metacritic. This score is bound to change but I think it'll still end up being very high, possibly higher than No Country for Old Men's score. However, I don't think this gives it the edge for the Best Picture win. Blood is a movie that, I decided a couple weeks ago, would not get a Best Picture nomination, become a classic, and years later we would all complain about how the Academy should have voted it Best Picture. Or, if it does get a nomination, we'd all complain about how it didn't win (ex. The Graduate, Raging Bull, ...Citizen Kane...).


AJ said...

The lack of Sweeney Love was because of the lack of people who saw the film.

Anonymous said...

Well, if thats the case- how did Daniel Day-Lewis get his nomination if his film isnt released either?

AJ said...

screeners...i think

Daniel Crooke said...

Oh, right, I thought I mentioned that in the article. I'll add it in, thanks.