Sunday, October 21, 2007

Golden Globe Predix: Best Actor

It happens to be that all of my predicted Best Actor nominees are in dramas. HFPA friendly dramas, might I add. However, there are a few changes. Watch: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS IN THERE WILL BE BLOOD continues to look very, very strong. I can totally see him pulling off his second kinda-sorta deserved Oscar win, and that would start here. Naturally, JAMES McAVOY IN ATONEMENT will more than likely be nominated, just because of that last bolded word. JOHN CUSACK IN GRACE IS GONE is also looking much stronger, and once we have some more reviews, we'll know for sure. However, I'm pretty confident that he will pull off a GG nod. God knows he's due for some awards attention. BENICIO DEL TORO IN THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE is looking stronger every day, and the reviews are generally saying that the thing that keeps the movie from sucking is his performance (sorry, Halle). Look out for him. And, last but not least, I am sad to say that Denzel Washington in American Gangster has gotten raves. Don't get me wrong; Denzel is one of the best actors of this generation. I just can't stand being wrong about those kinds of things. Still, I'm keeping AG out of my Oscar AND Golden Globe predix until it has a final RT Rating (which is now at 100%. Grr). So, my choice for the fifth spot is EMILE HIRSCH IN INTO THE WILD because I'm already predicting it to get a Best Picture (Drama) nod, and his performance kind of goes hand-in-hand.

is basically a lock unless the film is a complete bomb, simply because everyone knows that the Golden Globe's can't resist Depp in anything. And in a musical? We might as well do this category over the phone. However, it is still exciting to think of who the other nominees will be, since it has no other serious contenders. STEVE CARREL IN DAN IN REAL LIFE has gotten a fair amount of buzz from critics, and you know how I feel about the film and his performance. I honestly think that it's being severely underestimated. The next three spots are basically up for grabs, but after watching the trailer for Juno for about the 10,000th time, I'm pretty sure that MICHAEL CERA IN JUNO would be considered lead. Thankfully, my second favorite film so far this year (first is Waitress) is finally gaining some buzz; possibly enough to lead GLEN HANSARD IN ONCE to a GG nomination. I actually think the film might have a chance at a Best Picture (M/C) nod, as well. I'm giving the final spot to JACK NICHOLSON IN THE BUCKET LIST simply becasue there are no other real contenders, and they could just choose to honor Jack because he's Jack. But who knows?

Come back tomorrow for Golden Globe Best Actress predix.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Day-Lewis's kinda-sorta deserved Oscar?

Brian Erickson said...

I meant that he's a fantastic actor, but I'm still not sure if he deserves a second Oscar yet.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not, although he has been nominated several times since his first win.

Still, I am looking forward to seeing his performance.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "dark-horse" Viggo mortensen. He's just oustanding performance in "eastern promises"
and could be the guy from "Once" or including Michael Douglas beside Jack Nicholson...

Anonymous said...

Ryan Gosling must be nominated for "Lars and the real girls". He will be stay in the Golden Globes

Alison Flynn said...

American Gangster is still at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but there ARE only 8 reviews up so far. :)

Atonement remains at 100% also, with only 20 reviews.

It will be interesting to see if these stay at 100% when more reviews start coming in. There's always someone who doesn't like something even if everyone else loves it.

Michael Clayton has remained very solid at 91% of 156 reviews. I thought there would be more nay-sayers on this one, but it stayed steady.