Sunday, October 28, 2007

London Film Festival: Quick Update

I sadly don't have much time right now to write out full reviews for "Bee Movie" and the Surprise Film which was...


But, I'll give a brief letter grade and I assure you that there will be full reviews for both soon.

Bee Movie: B
No Country for Old Men: A
(replaces "Atonement" as my favorite film of the's flawless)


Alison Flynn said...


An A for No Country! I can't wait to see this and to read your review. It doesn't open wide in the U.S. until Nov. 21, but I'm planning to go that weekend. I love the Coen Brothers!

Alison Flynn said...

So, where's the review? Just kidding. But I am anxious to read.

After seeing it, do you think Javier Bardem is a lock? What about Tommy Lee Jones' performance? Does he have more of a chance at a nom with this or with In the Valley of Elah?

I'm keeping an eye on this blog. :)