Monday, October 22, 2007

New Predix: Best Supporting Actress

1. Cate Blanchett-I'm Not There-Now that The Golden Age is basically out of the picture, this category is basically hers to lose unless an unseen contender arrives (which, considering the lineup, is possible).

2. Romola Garai-Atonement-This category is so weak that it could be a safe haven for newcomers.

3. Jennifer Garner-Juno-Could this be her first serious movie role? The trailer seems to indicate so...

4. Kelly MacDonald-No Country for Old Men-If the film is as successful as I think it will be, the Academy might just honor the entire cast.

5. Julia Roberts-Charlie Wilson's War-I really don't think it's going to happen, but this category needs a space filler.

6. Saorsie Ronan-Atonement-Her performance has been raved (after all, it is Atonement), but I think that they're only going to honor one Briony. And I doubt that they'll give out two Best Supporting Actress nominations to children two years in a row.

7. Jennifer Jason Leigh-Margot at the Wedding-Her reviews are very good, but the bad reviews for the film itself will probably overpower her.

8. Vanessa Redgrave-Atonement-Like I said, I think that they're only going to reward one Briony, and her role seems small.

9. Meryl Streep-Lions for Lambs-What happened to the buzz for this film?

10. Susan Sarandon-In the Valley of Elah-At this point, the buzz is basically at 0.


Anonymous said...

¿Category confussion? Good examples this year, Helena Bonham Carter and Tabu. Theyr performances in "sweeney Todd" and "The namesake" will campaign, officially, by best Leading Actress category, but the rumors are other thing. The general perception believe them in Best Supporting Actress category... We'll see.
And what about Amy Ryan for "Gone baby gone". She's generated a lot of buzz...

Anonymous said...

Where's Amy Ryan?. She's outstanding in "gone baby gone". She's one of the best performances of the year

Jennifer said...

I agree about Blanchett, but I think that Ronan stands a better chance than Garai for "Atonement." Amy Ryan also has a big chance of being nominated for "Gone Baby Gone," and I don't think Garner is getting enough buzz to be nominated. I didn't see "Juno" though, so maybe you're right!