Thursday, January 31, 2008

Capote v. Infamous: Part Three

Last year, I reported on the two Edgar Allen Poe films to be released over the next two years. Now, we have another biopic versus biopic of the same subject. Except this time, they're both live action.

Here is a link to Escobar with Edgar Ramirez.

Here is a link to Killing Pablo with Javier Bardem.

And I can't help but feel that Entourage had something to do with this.


Harry said...

Both look terrible. Fernando Meirelles or Walter Salles or even a Colombian director would've been much better choices than a non-latin newcomer and the director of the terrible "Alexander".

Daniel Crooke said...

So you're saying Oliver Stone has no credit because he directed Alexander? What about Platoon? Born on the Fourth of July? JFK? Nixon?

harry said...

Well, Platoon, JFK, Nixon etc.. were about American history. He's good at that but at foreign history?

Brian Erickson said...

History is history; American or otherwise.

harry said...

Brian, I completely disagree with you. Oliver Stone is an American filmmaker and he knows about that because of the history class of his country and because he was living when some of the events of his films happened. Also, as an American person, he knows about the culture.

Now, if he makes a film about another culture, he simply needs to investigate and to feel this new culture and its history. Some directors can obviously achieve this but I'm afraid Oliver Stone cannot and "Alexander" is my perfect example of this.

That's why Fernando Meirelles or Walter Salles would be much better choices.

harry said...

Also, if you disagree than tell me at least two examples of two succesful films that he has made about a culture foreign to his.

Anton Chigurh said...

Here are two examples of a director directing a film that is not part of their particular heritage (and succeeding)

1. Steven Spielberg- The Color Purple
2. Bernardo Betolucci- The Last Emperor

And Harry...regarding Oliver Stone-
1. He isn't the director of Escobar. He's the producer.
2. He has made one internationally based film ("Alexander") so it's impossible to even name two bad films he has made about a culture other than his own.

Lastly, is Mel Gibson Mayan? Because he seemed to tackle their culture pretty well last year in Apocalypto.