Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eligible Foreign Films Announced

Austria, “The Counterfeiters,” Stefan Ruzowitzky, director
Brazil, “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation,” Cao Hamburger, director
Canada, “Days of Darkness,” Denys Arcand, director
Israel, “Beaufort,” Joseph Cedar, director
Italy, “The Unknown,” Giuseppe Tornatore, director
Kazakhstan, “Mongol,” Sergei Bodrov, director
Poland, “Katyn,” Andrzej Wajda, director
Russia, “12,” Nikita Mikhalkov, director
Serbia, “The Trap,” Srdan Golubovic, director

That is...unbelievable. I haven't heard of a single one of these. The fact that Persepolis, 4 Months, 3 Days & 2 Weeks and even Lust, Caution were snubbed from the list is nothing short of shocking.


Anonymous said...

Well for Lust Caution, was ineligeable for intersting reasons:

*American crew
*american dollars

But Romania and France out, and even Spain??? Dissaponting

Unleast, Persepolis, one of the best films of the year, has chance of nomination at animated picture

Anonymous said...

*Austria: The film was in the top five of NBR list of foreign film. War theme of WWII
*Brazil: The pretty film of the year with a message and the only latin american film in competition... Sorry for Argentina and Mexico
*Canada: In competition in Cannes. Diane Kruger (National Treasure and Troy actress) is in the film. Dennys Arcand give to Canada the only Oscar and three of four nominations.
*Israel: Winner of best Director at Berlinale 07'. War theme about an israeli soldier in the borders between Israel and Lebanon at the 80'
*Italy: Tornatore is back. The film is about a russian woman who work in the prostitution (Black thriller). Competition in the European Awards
*Poland: Wajda film, about polish people who confronts german army at the WWII.
*Russia: Critical acclaimed film in Venice about a "remake" of 12 angry men...
*Kazakhstan: From the producers of "nomad". A history view of Genghis Khan...
*Serbia: I don't know much about this film. Gender: Noir. About the transition of the modern serbian society...

My perceptions:
Pretty nice: Brazil
War theme: Austria, Israel, Poland.
History view: Kazakhstan
Noir: Italy, Serbia
Remake: Russia
Dark comedy: Canada

Ryne said...

...I don't know what to think