Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Predix: Best Supporting Actor

Happy 2008, everyone!

1. Javier Bardem-No Country for Old Men-There's practically no buzz in this entire category, so he's the obvious choice.

2. Tom Wilkinson-Michael Clayton-This film, since its release, has quietly been building buzz since its release, as proven by the SAG Awards. He should have no problem getting in.

3. Hal Holbrook-Into the Wild-See above.

4. Philip Seymour Hoffman-Charlie Wilson's War-The SAG snub was hurtful, but they have to honor his fantastic year, don't they?

5. Casey Affleck-The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford-I'm not so sure about his chances, but it's illogical not to predict him.

6. John Travolta-Hairspray-Thankfully, the SAG snub hurts his chances significantly but I still have a feeling...

7. Tommy Lee Jones-No Country for Old Men-I adored his performance, but I think he got the SAG nod just because he is respected among the acting community. I don't think it will be repeated at the Oscars.

8. Russell Crowe-American Gangster-Denzel and Ruby Dee are the film's only hopes.

9. Philip Bosco-The Savages-Wow...this died. Looked so great, too.

10. Paul Dano-There Will be Blood-I'd love to say he has a chance, but they'll probably only honor Day-Lewis.


Anonymous said...

If it's illogical to predict Casey Affleck, then why is he in the top 5?

Brian Erickson said...

Er...I meant to say illogical NOT to predict him. Thanks for pointing that out; I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

Hope it didn't come off as rude...


Daniel Crooke said...

It's such a shame regarding Philip Bosco. He gave one of the best performances of the year.

Alison Flynn said...

Happy New Year, guys!

Bosco was wonderful, Daniel, and so was Finney in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, but the category is so crowded and competitive.

So many wonderful performances and films this year, I'd hate to have to pick a "Best".

Nick Plowman said...

I agree Alison, imagine narrowing down all the great performaces and labelling one of them "the best", must be tough.