Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TOP 5 FINAL PREDIX: Best Screenplays

I just realized that nominations are being announced this Tuesday.


Okay, so here's the game plan: starting today, I'm going to be making my final nominee predix for the top 5 (or is it 6?) categories (Screenplays, Actress, Actor, Director and Picture). I will finalize each category one day at a time. After I somehow decipher what the hell my final BP predix will look like on the 20th, I will finalize every category, besides shorts. I will only allow myself to change ONE nominee in the top 5. So, let us start with Best Screenplays:

1. Juno-It's won virtually every precursor besides the GG, and, if there is a comedy in the BP lineup, it will usually win this category. Basically a lock.

2. Michael Clayton-Its likely BP nod will secure a spot for the screenplay.

3. Ratatouille-We all know they have a thing for Pixar in this category. It shouldn't have any trouble getting in.

4. American Gangster-This has to be rewarded somewhere, doesn't it?

5. The Savages-It feels like this movie died, but the WGA nod is reasurring, I suppose. And, between Lars and the Real Girl and Knocked Up, this is definitely the most baity.

1. No Country for Old Men-Even if the movie somehow fails to win Best Picture, this is one win the Coens can count on.

2. There Will Be Blood-The admiration for PTA in the writer's community is enough to get him in, and the fact that this film is so highly acclaimed makes it pose a slight threat.

3. Into the Wild-Even if the film fails to get a BP nod, the WGA nomination assures it a spot here.

4. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-Foreign films rarely get screenplay nods, but Diving Bell is, refreshingly, being treated equally.

5. Zodiac-It's either this or Atonement, but, with Zodiac snatching a Scripter and WGA nod over Atonement, this looks pretty solid. I honestly think Atonement will be shut out of all the major categories.

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