Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Predix: Best Picture

1. No Country for Old Men-It has basically swept the precursors, and, if it takes the PGA, it is pretty much a lock.

2. There Will Be Blood-This will likely go down as the film that no one can believe lost the Best Picture Oscar thirty years from now, but don't count out an upset...

3. Into the Wild-The DGA proved that the community really does love Into the Wild. It's in.

4. Michael Clayton-If it get a PGA nod (which it likely will), it's in for sure.

5. Atonement-If it gets snubbed by the PGA, it will have been shut out of every guild award, and thus out of the Best Picture race.

6. Juno-Its surprise success at the box office could well get it in. All it needs now is a PGA nomination.

7. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-It has a very strong fanbase, and a PGA nod would get it in immediately.

8. Sweeney Todd-It's been denied by all of the guilds--most notable the Director's--and it can't really depend on a PGA nod. It's just about out.

9. American Gangster-It's relying solely on box office and audience acclaim. Don't count on it.

10. 3:10 to Yuma-If there is going to be one completely random BP nominee, this'll be it, but it's a bit too crowded already.

Conclusion: On Monday, when the Producer's Guild announces their choices, we'll know the lineup (probably).

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Alison Flynn said...

I'm thinking that Diving Bell will likely get in for Director but not Picture. Juno will take that picture slot.