Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Predix: Best Actor

1. Daniel Day-Lewis-There Will be Blood-Everyone that has seen the film is enthusiastic about him. The only problem is that not many have seen the film (thought that will change by the time nomination ballots are due).

2. George Clooney-Michael Clayton-Ranking the rest of this category is really difficult, but Clooney seems like the only other actor that is guaranteed a nod this year.

3. Johnny Depp-Sweeney Todd-The last three spots could go to either Depp, Hirsch, Mortensen or Gosling. As is now, Depp is running almost purely on buzz, but it seems like he has to get in at this point.

4. Ryan Gosling-Lars and the Real Girl-His surprise success at the precursors should get him in, but where is the buzz? He needs to win the Golden Globe to get locked in.

5. Viggo Mortensen-Eastern Promises-Like Gosling, he looks like a sure thing on paper, but how many voters remember the film?

6. Emile Hirsch-Into the Wild-The buzz is good and the acting branch loves the film, but I'm not so sure.

7. Denzel Washington-American Gangster-No SAG nod really hurt him. Ruby Dee is looking to be the nominee from this film.

8. James McAvoy-Atonement-This can only happen if the Academy goes crazy for Atonement, which, it looks like, they will not.

9. Tom Hanks-Charlie Wilson's War-It's really just between these eight as is now. It doesn't really matter who gets the 9th and 10th spot.

10. Brad Pitt-The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford-See above.

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