Friday, February 9, 2007

February 11, 2007: The Final Hope for a Clear Oscar Race

This Sunday, the Writer's Guild of America will give out its annual awards, as will BAFTA. These are the final precursors of the year and the last hope to clear up the very fuzzy Best Picture race. But, The Queen is more than likely to win Best Film at the BAFTA's, as its praise in Britain, was as I understand it, about 10 times more than in America, where it has also been called the critical darling of the year. That means that ANY prediction for Best Picture would be logical. But, if LMS wins the WGA, it'll be hard to not consider it a legitimate contender, even without a Best Director nod because of its sweep of the guilds (SAG, PGA, WGA). Every nominee will have a major precursor under their belt if The Queen takes the BAFTA. Look...

Babel-Golden Globe
The Departed-Critic's Choice Award
Letters From Iwo Jima-National Board of Review
Little Miss Sunshine-Producer's Guild of America
The Queen-BAFTA

This will make for a remarkably exciting Oscar night.

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