Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Look at Best Supporting Actor

Today's category is Best Supporting Actor, the year's most competitive category. The nominees are....

Alan Arkin-Little Miss Sunshine
Jackie Earle Haley-Little Children
Djimon Hounsou-Blood Diamond
Eddie Murphy-Dreamgirls
Mark Wahlberg-The Departed

I've seen three out of five (LMS, Dreamgirls and The Departed). And one by one we go...

ARKIN-I'm praying that he will upset so much that I'm almost predicting it. While he is the second most likely out of this category, Murphy is gonna take it. We're only calling it the "most competitive category" because it doesn't seem like anyone really loves Murphy in Dreamgirls, but he's won all the precursors, but does anyone else notice that he isn't really happy in his acceptance speeches? But, he does have the BAFTA (even though Murphy wasn't nominated there). And if he wins, LMS will more than likely take BP.

HALEY-He has critics on his side, but the film had very little exposure. Everyone that saw it seemed to like it enough, but there just isn't any buzz about this--or Winslet's, really--performance. He'll take critical praise and this nomination as the reward. Besides, he lost the BAFTA to Arkin. But, then again, it is a very competitive race. Sorta.

HOUNSOU-The Academy apparently loved this movie, but precursor support and critical attention will be key in this race, and Hounsou falls flat in that category. Also, in categories this odd, AMPAS usually doesn't know what to do and gives it to the frontrunner while they find out what the hell happened. Sorry.

MURPHY-He's hit the three of four of the major precursors-BFCA, Golden Globe and SAG, only losing the BAFTA to Arkin, which puts him in first place automatically. But, I just can't see the presenter reading his name from the envelope. OK, I can, but it just seems like it'd be anticlimactic. And, contrary to popular belief, no. Norbit will have no effect on him whatsoever. Jeez.

WAHLBERG-I predicted him to be nominated. And only to be nominated. Buzz is making it seem possible, but when put up against three neck-in-neck performances, there isn't room for a fourth. But he'll win someday for something. Or at least I hope.

WILL WIN: Eddie Murphy-Dreamgirls
SHOULD WIN: Alan Arkin-Little Miss Sunshine
1. Murphy
2. Arkin
3. Haley
4. Wahlberg
5. Hounsou

Tomorrow: Best Way to Honor Helen Mirren. I mean, Best Actress

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