Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Look at Best Supporting Actress

The year's most timid category, today we are doing Best Supporting Actress. The nominees are...

Adriana Barraza-Babel
Cate Blanchett-Notes on a Scandal
Abigail Breslin-Little Miss Sunshine
Jennifer Hudson-Dreamgirls
Rinko Kikuchi-Babel

I've seen all but Notes on a Scandal (and I predicted this category 100% right! Yay).

BARRAZA-My favorite performance out of this category. Barraza was very down to earth and timid in an extremely difficult role. She (or Rinko) would probably be able to pull off a win if they were the only ones from Babel nominated. Votes will split like crazy now.

BLANCHETT-She would be a LOCK if she didn't just win. Normally I would put her second, but I can't see very many--if any--Academy members voting for her when she just won. Unless they want to make up for snubbing her for Elizabeth (again). This is off the subject, but isn't it weird that Judi Dench, who won the Oscar in 1998 for playing Queen Elizabeth II while she was shut out for playing the same character, are now both nominated for the same movie, but this time Blanchett is supporting and Dench is lead. I've just been thinking about that since I first heard about this movie. Moving on...

BRESLIN-This is the year of first-time nominees. Abigail Breslin is the only possible upset, if you ask me. It all comes down to the precursors, which Hudson has conquered in. And I really don't think she deserves it; not because she wasn't great in it, but because I feel awkward giving kids this young Oscars. Seems like the kind of thing that would scar them for life (but Tatum O'Neil and Anna Paquin are doing alright, so I dunno.)

HUDSON-Considering that she's won virtually every precursor and all of the other nominees are improbable (Barazza and Kikuchi will split votes, Blanchett won too recently and Breslin didn't get nominated for Golden Globe), she'll take this one in a cakewalk (deservingly, in most senses of the word).

KIKUCHI-She would have a better chance than Barazza because she opened to much more buzz, but now that they're both nominated it will be vote splitting, vote splitting, vote splitting. Also, Barazza has taken a great deal of the buzz to make it 50:50.

WILL WIN: Jennifer Hudson-Dreamgirls
SHOULD WIN: Adriana Barazza-Babel
1. Hudson
2. Breslin
3. Blanchett
4. Kikuchi
5. Barazza

Tomorrow: Best Supporting Actor

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