Monday, February 12, 2007

A Look at Best Original Score

Today's category is Best Original Score. The nominees are...

Gustavo Santaolalla-Babel
Thomas Newman-The Good German
Philip Glass-Notes on a Scandal
Javier Navarrete-Pan's Labyrinth
Alexandre Desplat-The Queen

I've seen The Queen and Babel, but I listened to the iTunes samples of the others.

BABEL-This has a great, subtle score. It was the favorite all year, until The Painted Veil won at the Globes. But, now that it isn't nominated, Babel shouldn't have much trouble winning. Unless The Queen gets in the way...

THE GOOD GERMAN-It takes a lot for the Academy to give an Oscar to a film that got panned by the critics, even if the quality of the movie has little to do with the award itself. But, keep in mind that Thomas Newman is a brilliant composer, and this is a brilliant score, but it's still a very slim chance.

NOTES ON A SCANDAL-This movie looks outstanding, and it's the type of movie that depends on a good score for the film itself to work (and believe me, it has one. Oh boy does it have one...). I can actually really see this one taking the prize, but it would be unexpected. Still, don't count it out.

PAN'S LABYRINTH-This is one of the few categories this movie is nominated for where it can't be considered a possible winner, even though it does have an excellent score. Best Picture contenders and/or substance-free eye candies are usually the winners here.

THE QUEEN-A quite possible upset. Though I personally think that the score is overrated, but The Queen has been given too much love to only walk away with one win. Or has it? Either way, this is a major threat on the prowl for frontrunner status.

SHOULD WIN: Notes on a Scandal
1. Babel
2. The Queen
3. Notes on a Scandal
4. The Good German
5. Pan's Labyrinth

Tomorrow: Best Cinematography

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