Friday, February 16, 2007

A Look at Best Animated Film

Today's category is Best Animated Film. The nominees are...

Happy Feet
Monster House

I've seen Cars and Monster House.

CARS-This is quite a charming film, and it's becoming a sure thing. It's not the best reviewed animated film of the year (er...I don't think so), but the fact that it's from Pixar automatically makes it the frontrunner. Winning the Annie doesn't hurt either. But, with varied support for its competitors, it faces some challenges.

HAPPY FEET-Eek. It's so hard to predict against those penguins. What it has that's going for it is an all star cast, a surprisingly huge box office run and the fact that penguins are probably the cutest thing to ever walk the Earth. The problem is that it's not from Pixar and the audience and critical reaction was mixed. But it could become the surprise of the year, given how weak this year's selection is.

MONSTER HOUSE-Sigh. Such an overrated film. It's possible that strong critical reception and Steven Spielberg's name (as a producer) could bring it to a win, but with Cars and Happy feet already taking the lead, it's unlikely. There just can't be three frontrunners (unless you're talking about Best Picture).

1. Cars
2. Happy Feet
3. Monster House

Tomorrow: Best Foreign Film

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