Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Look at Best Actress

Today's category is Best Actress, the easiest to predict category of the year. The nominees are...

Penelope Cruz-Volver
Judi Dench-Notes on a Scandal
Helen Mirren-The Queen
Meryl Streep-The Devil Wears Prada
Kate Winslet-Little Children

I've seen Prada and The Queen. Yawn.

CRUZ-I've been predicting her as a nominee for a long time, along with everyone. She really doesn't stand a chance. Well, then again, no one really stands a chance except Mirren. She should be glad to be nominated; especially when her movie was snubbed for Foriegn Langauge Film.

DENCH-The only thing that could possibly upset Mirren. Well, Hell would have to freeze over first, but still. She's won ONE precursor (a British one...I forget what it's called). Mirren has this race locked up. But the Academy loves Dench, so they'll probably give her a second Oscar at some point. But certianly not here.

MIRREN-She's been called the surest thing since Titanic. The surest thing since Lord of the Rings. The surest thing since Charlize Theron. The surest thing since Jamie Foxx. Either way, she's a sure thing (I'd say she's the surest thing since...well...Helen Mirren). She has everything for her and nothing against her. They might as well do this over the phone.

STREEP-She'll get a third Oscar at some point, but the nomination is her reward. I mean, who else could find an Oscar nomination in a summer movie about fashion other than Meryl? Maybe Dench. Anyways, she'll get a third one someday. But not this year, and definetley not for this performance.

WINSLET-It's already amazing that she survived the buzz. She is an Academy favorite, and she'll get her Oscar one day. In the mean time, she can brag that she has 5 nominations at 31 years of age. Jeez.

WILL WIN: Helen Mirren-The Queen
SHOULD WIN: Helen Mirren-The Queen
1. Mirren
2. Mirren
3. Mirren
4. Mirren
5. Mirren

Okay, fine.

1. Mirren
2. Dench
3. Streep
4. Winslet
5. Cruz

Tomorrow: Best Actor

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