Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Yearly Acting Lock of the 21st Century

Every year at the Oscars from 2000, there's always one lock in one of the acting categories. Have you noticed that? Here's what they are (in my own opinion, of course). Anyways...

2006-Helen Mirren-The Queen (or so we can assume)
2005-Philip Seymour Hoffman-Capote
2004-Jamie Foxx-Ray
2003-Charlize Theron-Monster
2002-Nicole Kidman-The Hours (eh, this might be an exception to the rule. Wasn't it awesome when Adrien Brody won this year? I'd love to see that happen to Arkin in Best Supporting Actor on Sunday)
2001-Jennifer Connelly-A Beautiful Mind
2000-Julia Roberts-Erin Brockovich

So, why are there only total locks in the 21st century? Because of the internet, of course. Buzz is more effective than some people give it credit for. And, isn't it worth pointing out that, as the years continue, the lock gets stronger and stronger (except for maybe in 2005/2004). Makes you think, huh?

In other words, I'm really bored and I really want it to be Sunday. Luckily, I've rented The Departed, Venus, Flags of Our Fathers, An Invonvenient Truth and The Illusionist to distract myself until then.

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Alex C. said...

Notice how only one of these locks was not based on a real person? (I don't think Jennifer Connelly's character was based off the real wife of John Nash.)

Note to anybody who wants to win an Oscar: Just do a deep and moving impersonation.