Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Look at Best Makeup

Today's category is Best Makeup. The nominees are

Pan's Labyrinth

I've only seen Click (though I wish I hadn't), so let's hope I can get it right anyways.

APOCALYTO-Not unlikely, considering its technical nominations, but I've already predicted it for Best Sound Mixing. Nonetheless, the makeup plays a massive part in this film (or so I understand). Don't count it out, but this seems like the type of year that's so unpredictable that they just go with the obvious choices. This isn't one of them.

CLICK-Let me start by saying that this was the worst movie of the year. And last year. And the year before that. How this got a nomination at all is beyond me; while I was watching it, I actually commented on how remarkably bad the makeup was. Grr. Luckily, it's more likely for "Date Movie" to get a write-in nomination for Best Picture than for this to win.

PAN'S LABYRINTH-Ugh, I'm dying to see this movie. The makeup looks AMAZING, and the Academy showed so much love for it that it's a lock for this and Best Foreign Language film. The trailers look outstanding, both from a technical and storyline aspect. Even though I haven't seen it, I'll be rooting for this one.

WILL WIN: Pan's Labyrinth
SHOULD WIN: Pan's Labyrinth (the trailer showed parts from the movie. It had better makeup than the trailer for Apocalypto and Click...well I won't go into that. Viola.)
1. Pan's Labyrinth
2. Apocalypto
3. Click (GOD forbid)

Tomorrow: Best Costume Design

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