Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Look at Best Original Song

Today's category is Best Original song, aka, "Let's Make Up for Dreamgirls Not Getting a Best Picture Nomination." The nominees are...

"I Need to Wake Up"-An Inconvenient Truth
"Love You I Do"-Dreamgirls
"Our Town"-Cars

Wow. I think this is the only category where I've seen every film nominated. One by one...

I NEED TO WAKE UP-It's a good song, but I doubt Al Gore's (great) Powerpoint Presentation will become the first documentary ever to win more than one Oscar. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to seeing Melissa Etheridge perform.

LISTEN-It's not the best original song in Dreamgirls, but it is good. Everyone's buzzing this one, and because the GG winner "Song of the Heart" from Happy Feet wasn't nominated, this is almost a sure thing. Almost...

LOVE YOU I DO-Ugh, I wish I could stop listening to this song. It's soooo impossibly good. Sadly, though, it doesn't stand a chance. Dreamgirls is already risking vote-splitting, and this won't win. It deserves to, though.

OUR TOWN-I don't even remember this song. I remember that I liked most of the songs in Cars, though. Still, this only stands a chance if there is major vote splitting between the Dreamgirls songs. But that's actually a pretty good chance...

PATIENCE-This is an average song. The "Happy Feet" song really should have replaced it. It's very unlikely for this to pull off the win. In fact, it's impossible. It has everything going against it.

WILL WIN: "Listen"-Dreamgirls
SHOULD WIN: "Love You I Do"-Dreamgirls
1. "Listen"
2. "Our Town"
3. "I Need to Wake Up"
4. "Love You I Do"
5. "Patience."

Tomorrow: Best Art Direction

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