Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Look at Best Cinematography

Today's category is Best Cinematography. The nominees are...

The Black Dahlia
Children of Men
The Illusionist
Pan's Labyrinth
The Prestige

The only one I've seen is The Prestige. Yeech.

THE BLACK DAHLIA-This got SLAMMED by the critics, which will probably be enough for the Academy to shut it out, especially when the competition is so much better. But could the pure baitiness of the film's subject matter be enough for it to pull off an upset? No. Of course not. Don't be stupid.

CHILDREN OF MEN-This is a movie that depends on its cinematography to be successful, and, from what I understand, it did so. Also, the fact that it didn't get a Director or Picture nomination (probably because it only got last minute buzz. Release your Oscar contenders in MID December, people!), this one is looking like a done deal.

THE ILLUSIONIST-Remember when Edward Norton was getting all that Best Actor buzz over the summer? Well, just like the film, all of those memories are fogged now. No one remembers this one, and the Academy will likely be no exception.

PAN'S LABYRINTH-Just as with almost every category it's nominated for, Pan's stands a chance in this race if the support is as strong as it could be. But, with Children of Men in competition, it'd be a surprise. But never say never...

THE PRESTIGE-The cinematography in The Prestige was, like this film, forgettable. It'll take a whole lot of support that I highly doubt it will receive in order to pull off a win anywhere, including here.

WILL WIN: Children of Men
1. Children of Men
2. Pan's Labyrinth
3. The Illusionist
4. The Black Dahila
5. The Prestige

Tomorrow: Best Film Editing (ahh! we're getting close!)

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