Saturday, February 23, 2008

David Tolentino's Final Predix

Seen : 3/3
Predicted : 2/3 - I went for 300 instead of The Golden Compass

Doesn't seem like Transformers will lose this category since Pirates won last year and it was a fan favorite, so I'm predicting it to win.

Prediction : Transformers

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 3/5 - I put 300 and Hairspray instead of 3:10 To Yuma and Ratatouille (300 really got snubbed)

I usually have a hard time predicting this category since a lot of contenders seem like the right choice. This year, I'd have to go with Transformers, but 3:10 and Bourne seem like good bets too, especially since 3:10 is not in the Sound Editing category, but I'll stick with Transformers.

Prediction : Transformers

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 2/5, I missed that category a little bit, getting Ratatouille and Transformers.

I really like Ratatouille in this category because it is an excellent work of recreating the sounds of the kitchen world.

Prediction : Ratatouille

Seen : 1/3 (I've only seen Once)
Predicted : 2/5 - Once and Enchanted (That's How You Know)

Well, once again, a movie has picked up 3 noms in this category, but the favorite has to be Falling Slowly, because this is a song written and performed by the actors and the movie was fabulous.

Prediction : Falling Slowly - Once

Seen: 5/5
Predicted : 3/5 (because of Academy ruling, Into the Wild and There Will Be Blood were cut for 3:10 To Yuma and Michael Clayton)

Since I've seen the film, the one thing that really captivated me from the beginning was Atonement's score, really standing out in itself, and the GG win makes it a really strong contender.

Prediction : Atonement

Seen : 3/3
Predicted : 1/3 (La Vie En Rose only)

I'll predict La Vie En Rose here because they did some extensive work on Marion in this film, and I'm tired of the Eddie Murphy multi-character big makeup show (sorry, not very ethical on my behalf)

Prediction : La Vie En Rose

Seen : 4/5 (Across The Universe missing)
Predicted : 4/5 (Predicted Hairspray instead of Across The Universe)

To me, the film with the most costumes implicate much more work, and I also look for originality and style. Elizabeth seems like a good bet in scale but the originality in Sweeney Todd seemed better altogether, so I'm going to go with Sweeney here.

Prediction : Sweeney Todd

Tonight, I'll get the rest of my predictions in!

(This is Brian posting what David had earlier, only in one post this time. So don't get alarmed when it says my name)

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