Saturday, February 23, 2008

David's Rest of the Predix


Seen : 4/5 (haven't seen Diving Bell - I KNOW!!!!!!!)
Predicted : 5/5 - how 'bout that?

This is a difficult category to choose because there are a lot of clear cut favorites : The Assassination has won most of the awards, Atonement has a 6-minute long shot equally impressive to last year's Children of Men snub (why didn't that win?!?), There Will Be Blood uses large scales most of the time, but to me, even though I haven't seen it, The Diving Bell really has something to offer in this category, especially to film from the main character's point of vue for most of the film is a tough challenge, so I'm gonna go for an upset here with the win.

Prediction : The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

Art Direction

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 3/5 (went for Elizabeth and Hairspray instead of American Gangster and Golden Compass)

Even though I'd be inclined to go for There Will Be Blood to cut through a technical category here with it's impressive scale, I'd have to go for Sweeney, because the extensive work to recreate old London is rather extraordinary here, and for a Tim Burton film, I'd expect nothing less.

Prediction : Sweeney Todd

Film Editing

Seen : 4/5
Predicted : 4/5 (went for Atonement instead of The Diving Bell)

Usually, this category is a good predictor of the film that will take Best Picture, since 4 out of the last 5 Best Picture winners (Million Dollar Baby exempt) took this award with them. Of course, There Will Be Blood offers a great film, and The Bourne Ultimatum's story follows through extensively, I'll have to go with No Country on this one because the cuts are real subtle and you never are lost in the story, and the last 20 minutes are spectacular.

Prediction : No Country For Old Men

Documentary Feature

Seen : 1/5 (Sicko only, my video store doesn't receive documentaries)
Predicted : 3/5 (not too bad)

I won't say much about this category because I'm not an expert on documentaries, suffice to say that the frontrunner seems to be No End In Sight, so I'll blindly give it my prediction, although I have no idea who'll win this category.

Prediction : No End In Sight

Animated Feature Film

Seen : 2/3 (not yet for Persepolis)
Predicted : 2/3 (yes, I went for The Simpsons anyway, but I liked the penguins)

Pixar doesn't always win this category, but Brad Bird (former Simpsons writer) does bring a charm to this story of a rat chef in the city of haute cuisine. I couldn't help laughing the whole way through, and it is one of my favorite films of the year, so Ratatouille hands down!

Prediction : Ratatouille

Foreign Language Film

Seen : 0/5 (I know...)
Predicted : 3/5

Again, as I've seen none of the films, I will vote blindly on this category. 12 and The Counterfeiters received the higher scores from other sites, but The Counterfeiters seem like a more interesting story in my opinion, so I'll go for that film.

Prediction : The Counterfeiters


Adapted Screenplay

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 4/5 (poor Sean Penn)

Well, last year it was the Original Screenplay category with most of the Best Picture contenders. Paul Thomas Anderson is a master screenwriter and he really created one of the most intriguing, frightening character stories in recent movie history, but it seems as if he's only short of the finish line, as the Coens will finally get their dues in the major categories this year, so I'm going with the brothers on this one.

Prediction : No Country For Old Men

Original Screenplay

Seen : 3/5 (no Lars or Savages)
Predicted : 4/5 (I put in Before the Devil... instead of Lars)

Well, it seems it will be Juno... and the rest following. Unless Michael Clayton pulls a really big upset, we'll see Diablo Cody picking up her first Oscar tomorrow night (hurrah for the shenanigans)

Prediction : Juno

Best Supporting Actress

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 4/5 (I put Catherine Keener instead of Ruby Dee)

This is the category I expect to be mistaken with. With Cate Blanchett as a frontrunner (my favorite of the 5 performances)who's lost some momentum and has an Oscar win and a split vote against her, Ruby Dee as a SAG winner and a sentimental nominee, Amy Ryan as a consistent and raved-about performance, you can have a hard time picking a favorite. But, as my colleagues seem to have realized, one of the top films of the year with great performances all around will likely pick up at least one award. In this case, Tilda Swinton has been consistent in the nominations, she's picked up momentum since the Best Picture nomination, and she's one of the great actresses working today, so I'll go ahead with Tilda, even though I wouldn't be surprised to be upset on this one.

Prediction : Tilda Swinton - Michael Clayton

Best Supporting Actor

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 4/5 (I put Tommy Lee Jones instead of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, although that would've been my prediction early on)

Two words : coin toss. Here, Javier Bardem has Oscar voters thinking about the disappointment of losing The Sea Inside, and he has created a really dangerous on-screen killer in this film, worthy of all the awards he received. Although I loved Hal Holbrook, I wouldn't call it a memorable performance, nor the others nominated in this category. No, I believe for years to come, this film will be remembered, and Anton Chigurh will haunt us for a long time. Only problem : last year, the favorite didn't win, so who knows?

Prediction : Javier Bardem - No Country For Old Men

Best Actress

Seen : 4/5 (sorry Laura, waiting for the DVD)
Predicted : 4/5 (Angelina Jolie for Laura Linney)

Well, this is the category I HOPE the frontrunner doesn't win. I'm sorry, Away From Her was an excellent film, but Julie Christie's performance shouldn't bring home an Oscar. Yes, I loved Ellen Page as Juno, and I believe she'll get her due at the Oscars, but I don't believe it will be this year. No my friends, this year definetely belongs to Marion Cotillard. Her haunting portrayal of one of France's most remembered voices is the work of an artist, a film actress in all it's forms, and I would be ashamed to not hear her name come Oscar time. So I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Prediction : Marion Cotillard - La Vie En Rose

Best Actor

Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 4/5 (Emile Hirsch for Tommy Lee Jones)

Can anybody stop the Daniel Day-Lewis bandwagon? In my opinion, No! So, it's as simple as that.

Prediction : Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood

Best Director

Seen : 4/5
Predicted : 3/5 (Penn and Wright for Reitman and Gilroy)

Well, it's down to the big 3 : Anderson, the Coens and Schnabel. The Coens have scored the DGA, Schnabel took the GG and Anderson's looking for his first award (deservedly so). Here I'll give the edge to the Coens, but I'd be just as happy with either of the two others.

Prediction : Joel and Ethan Coen - No Country For Old Men

and finally...


Seen : 5/5
Predicted : 4/5 (Into the Wild for Michael Clayton)

Atonement's the safe bet as many point out, but the GG and the BAFTA's were their rewards, because last year's GG winner did not take home the big one. Juno has all the elements going for it (yes, compared to Little Miss Sunshine) but it has too many big contenders in front of it. Michael Clayton doesn't seem to have the momentum going for it, but still a great film. Which leaves the grand scale There Will Be Blood, carried by Daniel Day-Lewis and PTA, or The Coens with their latest great ensemble and storyline, No Country For Old Men. With the coin toss, I expect either of these two to win, but since I gave the edge to No Country as my favorite film of the year (it wasn't by much, I swear to you), I will predict No Country as the Oscar winner for Best Picture of 2007.

Prediction : No Country For Old Men

Hope that you will all tune in for tomorrow, and have a great show!!!

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