Friday, February 15, 2008

A Look at Best Foreign Language Film

The nominees are...

The Counterfeiters

I'VE SEEN: 0/5. Just like you!
I PREDICTED: 3/5. I had The Unknown and The Year My Parents Went on Vacation in place of Mongol and Katyn.

12-Familiar subject matter could lead this to an upset. It's really between this and The Counterfeiters. The latter, however, currently has a pretty strong edge.

BEAUFORT-It has more buzz than others, but it's still not really in consideration.

THE COUNTERFEITERS-The decided favorite, probably because it's the most popular one of these films (if you can give it that title). It's looking pretty safe, but they do like throwing some curveballs in this category.

MONGOL-Probably not. Only if one of those curveballs I mentioned above occurs.


WILL WIN: The Counterfeiters
SHOULD WIN: Not Applicable

1. The Counterfeiters
2. 12
3. Beaufort
4. Mongol
5. Katyn

TOMORROW: Best Animated Film

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Anonymous said...

My predictions:

1.Beaufort: Silver bear at Berlinale 2007. Box office and critical sucess in Israel. Plus: War theme is beloved by the AMPAS. If Israel doen't win, could be with Mexico the second nation with most nominations without a victory in this category with seven nominations
2.Katyn: Great reviews in this Berlinale. Respect and beloved director. If Poland doesn't win, with eight nominations could take the first place in the prior record
Both of them are my favorites but I choose Israel.
3.The Counterfeiters: NBR Mention but the step for festivals is discret and polemic.
4.12: Great reviews in Venice and respect director. Surprise factor
5.Mongol: I don't think so...