Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Top 5 FYC Ads of the Year

I've been compiling many of my favorite For Your Consideration ads this year and here are my Top Five favorites (and honorable mention):

This was in my Top Five this year because it reminded (or introduced) voters what Marion Cotillard looked like. Why is this important? Because, with the help of the fantastic makeup in this film, it demonstrated how much Cotillard invested in this performance. Makeup is one thing...but that makeup would mean nothing if Cotillard's wonderful and expressive performance was not...wonderful and expressive.

I think it's probably obvious why this made the list. Set up as a photograph taken from the time period, this picture of Casey Affleck is fascinating. I would have loved to see more FYC ads like this come from "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" this year. Imagine how cool a Brad Pitt one would have looked.

If Casey Affleck's ad captured the time period of the film, this one perfectly captured the feeling of the film. "Charlie Wilson's War" was a good movie but nothing particularly worthy of much more than Philip Seymour Hoffman's nomination (and possibly a screenplay nomination too). I really loved the "Charlie Wilson" ads all year but this one was by far my favorite; it's better than the movie itself.

This ad, in a single take, is a summary of everything great about this film. The art direction. The cinematography. The direction. Daniel Day-Lewis. THE ENDING. Milkshakes.

I picked this ad for the best of the year not because it was the most convincing. Or the most beautiful. No, I picked this ad for a couple other reasons. One, it captures the relationship between Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett extremely well. Two, it's a great image. Three, it's absolutely hilarious. But, to be honest, my third reason is the main reason I picked it. It's not the most skilled ad of the year, but it is the most fun. Except for maybe...

Honorable Mention:
I knew I would either give this the number one spot or the honorable mention. I went for the honorable mention. I loved "Walk Hard"'s two or three ads that I saw this year. Serious props to the distributors for campaigning a film that they knew didn't have a chance in hell for a nomination (well...besides maybe Original Song, for which "Let's Duet" was majorly snubbed). Bravo Dewey Cox!

What were your favorite FYC ads this year?

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